Kobalt 836482 Screwdriver Bit Impact Magnetic Holder 051667899186 45-PIECE

836482 Kobalt Screwdriver Bit Set Impact Magnetic Holder New 051667899186

Country/Region of Manufacture: China, Type: Multi-Bit Set, MPN: 836482, Brand: KOBALT, UPC: 051667899186

KOBALT 836482 Screwdriver Holder Description

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KOBALT 836482 Screwdriver Holder Specifications


  • brand: Kobalt
  • mpn: 836482
  • upc: 051667899186
  • sku: 6199698119379352


  • country/region of manufacture: China
  • type: Multi-bit Set
  • types: Screwdriver Holder


  • currency: USD
  • availability: In Stock
  • category: Home & Garden > Power Tools > Drill Bits
  • condition: New

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